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The African American Studies Minor critically engages students in interdisciplinary conversations about the social, political, economic, historical, religious, and intellectual experiences of Africans and their descendants throughout the United States. This preparation serves as a solid foundation for graduate-level work in African American Studies, History, Sociology, Political Science, English, International Affairs, Religious Studies, and other academic disciplines in the Social Sciences and Humanities. In addition to graduate school, Law School or any number of industries, including city and 293 state government, urban and community planning, secondary education, civil service, African American student services at colleges and universities, community relations, and journalism are career fields for graduates.

Nine hours to be composed of:

Requirements   Hours
Choose nine hours from:    
HIS 211 History of the United States I 3
HIS 212 History of the United States II 3
AAS 101 African American Studies Survey 3

Nine hours of Electives:

Students must choose electives from at least two groups below:

Majors in History must choose at least 6 hours from the remaining two columns, outside of their major discipline. (HIS and SWK) Majors in English must choose at least 6 hours from the remaining two columns, outside of their major discipline. (ENG and MLG)

Group One - History and Social Work

Requirements   Hours
HIS 304 Mississippi History 3
HIS 404  Old South 3
HIS 412 New South 3
HIS 441 The Civil Rights Movement 3
HIS 439 American Religious History Seminar- The African American Religious Experience 3
SWK Human Diversity and Social Justice 3

Group Two - English and Modern Languages

Requirements   Hours
ENG 322 Language and Diversity 3
ENG 429 Survey of African American Literature 3
ENG 391 African American Literacies 3
MLG 401 Sociolinguistics and Dialect 3
MLG 205 Cross-Cultural Understanding 3

Group Three

Requirements   Hours
PHI 309 Christian Ethics 3
ART 406 Modern and Contemporary Art 3
MUS 109 Popular Music and Society 3
MGT 371 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior 3
PSY 391 Multicultural Psychology 3