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Department of English & Philosophy


Use analysis, discussion, and writing to explore the great literary classics and discover how they shape the modern world.

Discover the World as an English Major.

MC’s English Degree concentrations empower you to write your own story.

Immerse yourself in the great heritage of Western literature, placed in context with classical and Christian humanism. Explore the obstacles faced and the impact made by African American and women authors. Discover how great literature not only teaches us about the human condition but is essential to developing the reading, writing and critical thinking skills necessary to flourish.

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First year (law school) is challenging, but I can sincerely say that MC did well in preparing me. I am honestly a little shocked about how many of my classmates have no idea how to study, write, or analyze what they read.
— Caroline, ‘21

Whether your goals are in the classroom or the boardroom, MC’s English and Philosophy Department’s Bachelor of Arts in English offers concentrations to fit with your particular needs and career goals.

Areas of Concentration For English Majors

Elizabeth Moore, a published author who was a Mississippi College English Major

MC Spotlight

Elizabeth Moore graduated with her BA in English and minor in Communications in 2015. Elizabeth lives in New York City and works for Vintage & Anchor Books at Penguin Random House. She graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford University. Prior to her time at Oxford, she worked as a writing consultant, content manager, and virtual assistant to bestselling authors. Elizabeth is the co-author of Liturgies for Hope (Waterbrook).

See the MC Catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum listings.

Brianna Caldwell
Writing at MC was one of my most impactful decisions. The faculty goes beyond teaching the skills of grammar and syntax. They nurture an environment that educates how to navigate the complexities of communication. The Writing program enhanced my ability to be intentional, which is a skill that I wield every day as an attorney. The lessons learned in the program are timeless, and I carry the love poured into me during my time there daily.”
— Brianna Caldwell
Attorney, Butler Snow

English Degree Jobs: Far More Than You Think.

A bachelor’s degree in English opens a wider variety of career opportunities to choose from than you ever imagined.


An English degree prepares you for law school by honing analytical skills and improving your ability to prepare written arguments.

Content Manager

Today, more than ever, companies need creative content for websites and social media. An English degree is the perfect launching pad for the creativity needed.

Business Strategist

Business strategists must be able to analyze, comprehend and communicate. English is the perfect major for developing the tools needed to succeed.