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Does the Honors College require a specific major?
No, we encourage scholars to pursue their academic interests!  The Honors College will work with any undergraduate major offered at Mississippi College.

How do I apply?  What does the committee look for in an application?
The committee is looking for students committed to academic excellence, spiritual maturity, and civic engagement.  As such, the committee will look beyond just test scores when evaluating candidates for the Honors College.  We are also interested in your extracurricular activities, your letters of recommendation,  how you answer the essay questions and how you present yourself in the on-campus interview. 

Please visit our Honors College Admissions page where you will find all of the necessary information to apply. 

Is there honors housing available?
Honors College students will live in Ratliff Hall, our newly renovated living and learning community at the heart of campus.

Am I going to have time to participate in other campus activities?
Absolutely!  Scholars within the Honors College are leaders on campus and are involved in a variety of clubs, social tribes, athletic teams and more!

How do I get more information or an answer to a question not listed above?
Please feel free to email, call 601-925-3936, or take a minute to fill out our information request form.