Mississippi College

Student Counseling and Disability Services

Student Counseling and Disability Services serve students as they explore educational options, establish career directions and cope with personal adjustments. Because each individual is viewed as a whole person with personal and academic concerns that are interrelated, we offer a variety of services.

  • Personal and group counseling
  • Services to students with disabilities
  • Personnel and Contact Information

Statement of Confidentiality

We are charged with protecting the rights of our clients.  The information that we obtain from clients will only be discussed for professional and supervisory purposes.  Records are not to be taken from the premises. During the therapeutic process the counselor may use hypnosis techniques or may take recordings if the counselor sees this to be beneficial for the progress of the client.  All recordings will remain confidential and again will be used only for professional purposes and will remain on the premises.

Who are the clients?   Any person who comes to us for services is considered to be a client.  Any persons, paid workers, volunteers, or students who work in the center must protect information learned about the clients.  It does not matter what position you hold within the system; these rules apply to you.