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Resident Student Meal Plans

Mississippi College requires all boarding students to participate in the meal program. We offer various meals plan that comes with 19, 14, and 9 weekly board meals (for use in the Caf) and $200 or $250 food services credit (called "points") depending on the meal plan selected. Points can be used in all food service locations on campus. The meal plan works as follows:

  • Meal plan costs are included in the on-campus living charge that covers room and board. Additional points may be purchased from our food service provider.
  • The meals are per week (seven days) starting on Friday and ending on Thursday.
  • The meal plan allows for one scan per meal time. Additional scans during a mealtime will be charged to points.
  • Points equal dollars and can be spent at any of the retail areas, the law school and food court.
  • Meals do not carry over from week to week.
  • Points do not carry over from Fall to Spring

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter meal plans are prepaid meals that can be used at the Caf for any meal period. Each meal plan includes a set number of meals and a number of points. Commuter meal plans do not reset and your meals will last until you use them all. This ensures you don’t waste any if you miss any meals but if you run out you can always purchase more.

Meal plan points can be used at any food service location on campus. You can add them to your existing meal plan or purchase points alone.

Meal Plan Cost
25 Caf Meals $198.75
50 Caf Meals $375.00
100 Caf Meals $725.00
Block Plus Any Meal Plan + Any Number of Points
Weekday Lunch Plan
Lunch only, Monday-Friday