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Students should seek care from the Nurse Practitioner during the scheduled office hours. This is the most time-efficient way to receive health care. Students requiring care from the Baptist Health Systems Clinic should be prepared to wait to be seen, as patients with previously scheduled appointments may be seen first.

If residence hall students become ill during the night, they should consult their Resident Assistant if they need immediate care. Otherwise, they should seek care either from the Nurse Practitioner or from Baptist Health Systems Clinic at the Healthplex during regular office hours.

All students should be prepared to show Mississippi College ID cards and proof of insurance when reporting to the Nurse Practitioner or to the Baptist Health Systems Clinic.

Routine health care services from the Nurse Practitioner and Baptist Health Systems Clinic are provided free of charge to currently registered, full-time Mississippi College students who have paid the fixed fee. There are charges for lab work, x-rays, injections and other additional services and supplies that may be billed to the student and/or the student's insurance carriers. Mississippi College does not provide supplemental insurance policies for students. To assist with the cost of health services, it is recommended that students be retained on the parent's or spouse's insurance policy whenever possible.