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Updated Core Requirements for Undergraduate Students

Beginning in the 2020-2021 Catalog, the undergraduate core requirements have been reduced for most programs.  Students who began MC in Fall 2020 will see this reduced core reflected on the their DegreeWorks Degree Evaluation if it is available for their chosen program. 

For students who began prior to Fall 2020, their core requirements will remain the same.  In some cases, it may be beneficial for students in an older catalog to move to newer catalog requirements.  Students should discuss this option with their advisor, utilize the “What If” DegreeWorks evaluations, and complete the following form to move into the newest catalog requirements:

Mutual Exclusion Registration Error

For students who have a catalog prior to Fall 2020, within the Core requirements for undergraduate sciences, there are certain combinations of classes that are not permitted to fulfill this university core requirement:

·         BIO 101 cannot be taken with BIO 203

·         BIO 101 cannot be taken with BIO 111

·         CHE 141 cannot be taken with CHE 111

·         CHE 141 cannot be taken with CHE 124

·         CHE 111 cannot be taken with CHE 124

·         PHY 151 cannot be taken with PHY 251

·         PHY 251 cannot be taken with PHY 104

·         PHY 151 cannot be taken with PHY 104

If a student has taken one part of an unpermitted combination, and tries to register for the other course in these combination listed above, BannerWeb will display the following error: “Mutual Exclusion with…..” 

It is recognized, however, that for some programs these course combinations maybe needed. If an advisor determines the student needs an override for the Mutual Exclusion Error, the advisor should send an email to, copying in the student’s MC email as well.  The email must include the students name, 700#, CRN and Course Number desired.  The registrar’s office can then override the student directly into the course.

Online Undergraduate Courses

Many of our programs offer traditional and online versions.  Some departments elect to restrict registration access of their online classes to online students only, ensuring online students have access to the courses they need. 

If a student who is not in an online program tries to register for a course restricted to online students only, BannerWeb will display the following error: "Student Attribute Restriction."  If a student receives this error, they will need to contact the department offering the course to see if an override can be granted for their circumstances.  It should also be noted that most departments open access to online courses for all students 2 weeks before the course begins.


A prerequisite is a specific course or academic requirement that must be completed before (or alongside) enrolling in a desired class.  An example of a prerequisite is that undergraduate students must have completed or be currently enrolled in ENG 101 before they can pre-register for ENG 102.

If a student tries to register for a course, and they have not met the perquisites required, BannerWeb will display the following error: “You have not met the prerequisite/s to register for this class.”  Students must meet all prerequisites in order to register for a course. 

If you feel like you have met the prerequisite and have received this message in error, you need to first consult the Academic Catalog.  Navigate to the “Course Descriptions” section and review the prerequisites listed for the course.  If you still feel there is an error, you can contact the Registrar’s office to review your information.  If there is no error, but you would still like permission to take the course without completing the prerequisites, you will need to contact the department offering the course for override approval.