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Description Cost 
Tuition - Fulltime 12 - 18 hours    $9,828/semester (Fall and Spring only)
Tuition - More than 18 hours $641/hour
Registration Fee  $465/semester
Technology Fee  $67/semester
Health Services Fee 


**These online tuition rates are based on the 2019-2020 academic year at Mississippi College.

Accelerated Degree Program

ADP students will receive degrees in the following undergraduate programs:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Sociology

Undergraduate students enrolled as an accelerated student in an Accelerated Degree Program receive a discount of 10% per credit hour. So whether you are enrolled full-time or part-time you have an opportunity to have your education within reach. The cost below reflects the rate after the discount. 

Description Cost 
Tuition $489/hour
Registration Fee $104/session
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $32/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $67/semester
Health Services Fee  $61/semester
Online Course Fee $105/course


Description Cost
Tuition $695/hour
Medical Science Program Tuition $681/hour
Doctor of Professional Counseling Tuition $705/hour

Professional Development Scholarship Tuition

Registration Fee (less than 6 hours) $150/semester
Registration Fee (6 or more hours) $250/semester
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $32/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $67/semester
Health Services Fee (Full time only) $61/semester
Online Course Fee $105/course

*Homeland Security and Loss Prevention may be eligible for a 30% discount.

MC7 Accelerated Online Programs

MC7 programs are select online accelerated programs offered in 7 week sessions with degrees in nursing and education.

7 week online RN-BSN program $307/hour
7 week online M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction $352/hour
7 week online M.Ed Educational Leadership Tuition $293/hour
7 week online M.Ed Elementary Elementary Education Tuition $395/hour
7 week online M.Ed in Special Education Tuition 


7 week online Ed. S. Educational Leadership Tuition $370/hour