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Involuntary Administrative Removal

Mississippi College is dedicated to providing a superior educational opportunity to all its students. However, there are times when a student’s behavior can create an unhealthy environment or an unmanageable risk for the University. Consequently, Mississippi College reserves the right to remove and/or withdraw (in severe cases) a student from the University or from University housing when such behaviors occur. Involuntary Administrative Removal is for the purpose of protecting the rights and safety of all members of the University community, maintaining a campus environment that is conducive to learning, protecting the University’s educational purposes, and maintaining reasonable order on campus.

A. Types of Involuntary Administrative Removal

There are two types of Involuntary Administrative Removal: (1) emergency removal, where the student presents a direct threat to the health or safety of others, and (2) non-emergency removal. The decision to involuntarily remove a student from the University will depend upon an assessment and thorough deliberations by the Student Intervention Team with the intent to create the best resolution for the student and the University community. In all cases of involuntary removal, the student will be provided an opportunity to participate in the University’s assessment, to be heard concerning the involuntary removal, and to appeal. Involuntary removal is administrative rather than punitive and is not a substitute for disciplinary action. A student may be allowed to voluntarily move to more appropriate housing, or permitted to voluntarily withdraw from the University on a temporary basis until he/she is able to obtain the treatment or care needed to diminish any risk of harm.

B. Removal Determination Process

A student may be removed and/or withdrawn (in severe cases) from the University and/or from University housing if it is determined by the Student Intervention Team that there is a significant risk that the student is engaging in behavior that:

(a.) presents an imminent threat to others;

(b.) causes substantial property damage;

(c.) inhibits the normal activities of others; or

(d.) disrupts the University’s learning environment.

Prior to an Involuntary Administrative Removal, the Student Intervention Team will consider other administrative actions to reduce the risk posed by the student’s behavior. Additionally, in all non-emergency cases of Involuntary Administrative Removal, the student will be provided reasons for the University’s concern and the opportunity to alter the concerning behavior.

C. Procedure for Readmission

A student who has been involuntarily removed and/or withdrawn from Mississippi College must be given authorization by the Student Intervention Team to return to the University and/or University housing. The student may be required to submit a Behavioral Assessment Form signed by a physician, psychologist, and/or licensed professional counselor external to the campus that can render an opinion on whether the student is ready to return and cope with university life. If the student is authorized to return to the University and/or University housing, the student will be required to sign an Agreement to Return to Campus. The conditions in the Agreement to Return to Campus will be set by the Student Intervention Team on an individual basis.

D. Deviations from Procedures

Reasonable deviations from this policy will not invalidate a decision by the Student Intervention Team unless significant prejudice to a student may result.