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Student Success

Student Success SUPPORTS students academically, CONNECTS students with university resources, and ENCOURAGES students as they discover and grow their talents and skills in pursuit of degree completion and meaningful careers that serve God and others.

Our Goals:

Guided by our passion for the development of the whole student, our dedication to academic excellence and our commitment to cross-campus collaboration, we:

  • support the development of strong communication skills through the MC Writing Center.

  • connect students to university resources, such as departmental tutoring, FINANCIAL AID, CAREER SERVICES, and the REGISTRAR.
  • provide group and individual Success Coaching, helping to build skills and teach strategies that support academic success.

  • provide early intervention and accountability for students who need to get “back on track” academically, supporting the retention and persistence goals of the university.
  • serve as a resource for faculty in coaching, advising, and student engagement strategies that support diverse student populations.