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Mailboxes are only provided for students living in the residence halls.

The student mailing and shipping address is:

Student’s Name
Student Box #
200 S Capitol St
Clinton, MS 39058

PLEASE NOTE:  Mail and Packages must arrive with your name as it is shown on your student ID and in the correct format. Any other names will be returned to sender if the identify of the recipient cannot be determined.
**Students must have picture ID to pick up packages**

Package Pickup

  • All correctly addressed packages received by the Physical Plant employees will be available for pick-up once it has been scanned into our package notification system.  When you have a package available for pick-up an email notification is sent to your mc email address.
  • If you have not received your package and you believe that it should have arrived, bring a tracking number and we will try to locate the package.
  • Packages will be returned to sender if not picked up within 30 days.

Mailboxes, Keys, Locks

  • When students arrive on campus for the first time, they will be required to sign up for a mailbox. Students receive the first key free of charge. Lost keys will result in a $5.00 fee to make a new key.
  • Students are required to check the mailbox using the key. The mailroom does not hand mail over the counter.  
  • If a student receives a letter that is too large to fit into the mailbox, the student will receive a notification slip in the mailbox to retrieve the letter at the front counter in Alumni Hall Mailroom. 
  • Students keep the same key and the mailbox number the entire time they are enrolled at Mississippi College. When students graduate, withdraw or move off campus they are required to turn the key back into the mailroom. Do not turn the key in to anyone else. The Mailroom is not responsible for keys that are not properly returned. It could result in a charge on your student account.
  • Students must clean out mailboxes at least once a week.

Faculty and Staff

  • Interoffice mail should have the recipient’s name and department. 
  • Cross out all previous names or markings. Recipient’s name should be clearly identified.
  • We do not accept personal mail and packages for employees. Personal mail should be sent to private residences.