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Rise Up

May 6, 2020

Plans for Fall 2020 Semester

Dear MC family,

I know you are ready for Mississippi College to reopen our campus. We all are ready to reunite this remarkable MC community and we have begun planning for how and where we will conduct classes this fall.

I am proud of the way our students and faculty adapted when the COVID-19 pandemic made moving to online learning necessary. But while physical distance cannot sever the bonds our students, faculty, and staff have with one another, we are a community that thrives on personal relationships and one-on-one connections.

I’m writing to let you know that we intend to safely resume in-person classes and residential life on campus for the fall 2020 semester. In the coming weeks, we will share our detailed plan to reopen the MC campus, and the new procedures we will put into place to safeguard our community.

Our plan to reopen in August is contingent upon guidance from federal and state government officials and public health officials. As we have all learned, “planning” during this pandemic, no matter how carefully thought-out, is subject to change and must often be taken one day at a time. The health and safety of our students, as well as of our dedicated faculty and staff, will continue to be our priority as we move forward.

I am confident that the distinctive, on-campus experience that draws so many to MC will resume in the fall, stronger than ever before. Speaking personally, this forced time apart has made me even more grateful for the warm sense of family and community we have at Mississippi College. This spring found our campus beautiful, but empty. Our students’ return will bring it back to life.

Like the many trials MC has weathered over its 194-year history, COVID-19 has only proven our resilience, strengthened our bonds with one another, and renewed our faith and our commitment to our Christian mission. We believe Genesis where it tells us, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

I can’t wait to welcome you back to campus in August. 

Have courage,

Blake Thompson