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Rise Up

October 8, 2020

A Day of Rest

Dear MC Family,

In recognition of how hard you’ve worked to keep our campus safe this semester, MC is giving our students, faculty, and staff a day off.

We’re declaring Wednesday, October 21, as a day of rest. Classes won't meet that day, and MC offices will be closed. Use that day to sleep late, study, or just relax and enjoy the fall weather.

There are a few exceptions. Students and faculty involved in the following programs should report to class as usual (unfortunately, some programs are simply unable to accommodate a day off):

  • Physician Assistant program
  • MC Law classes
  • Nursing classes
  • Professional Block classes
  • Labs/clinicals that meet once a week

Please do keep in mind that we are not taking the day off from our safety measures. All of the COVID-19 protocols still apply. Please continue to wear your masks.

Enjoy your day off and return ready to finish out the semester strong and courageous!

Blake Thompson