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Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee reviews all matters relating to the academic programs of Mississippi College, approving all new degree programs and any honorary degrees awarded.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the financial systems and accounting practices of Mississippi College and the activities of the University's independent auditor, internal auditor, and financial management of records.

Building Committee

The Building Committee reviews all construction projects and financing.

Business Affairs Committee

The Business Affairs Committee supervises and oversees the safekeeping, management, and investment of all University funds except those assets managed by the Mississippi College Foundation. The Committee reviews and recommends to the Board annual University budgets prepared by the President. The Committee also reviews the financial statements of Mississippi College, including the operating budget, the endowment, reserve funds, and any other special funds.

Development Committee

The Development Committee provides guidance and oversight of the University’s fundraising and development efforts through the President and the Vice President for Advancement. The Committee assists in identifying, cultivating, and contacting prospective donors in the efforts of the University’s fundraising campaigns.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is charged with oversight of the University during the periods between full Board meetings. It exercises all powers of the Board of Trustees except as reserved by law or the By-Laws to the Board. The Executive Committee is responsible for recommending candidates to the Board of Trustees for membership on the Board and for reviewing and establishing the President’s performance.

Law School Committee

The Law School Committee reviews all matters relating to the welfare and operation of the Mississippi College School of Law.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee reviews all matters relating to the faculty and staff of the University and recommends action to the Board of Trustees.

Student Experience Committee

The Student Experience Committee reviews all matters relating to the overall student experience of the institution and the Christian development of students.  In addition, the Committee shall receive reports from intercollegiate athletics and review athletic activities related to the overall mission of Mississippi College.