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Follow these three simple steps to get you on your way to attending school in a foreign country.

1. Pick your country and program.

MC offers study abroad opportunities all over the globe.  If your goal is European travel you can choose between England (MC’s legendary London semester), Germany, France, Spain or Austria.  For those interested in Asian culture, MC has programs in China, South Korea, and Japan. And last but not least, if you want to improve your Spanish speaking skills or just have the adventure of a lifetime in Central and South America, then check out the programs in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Brazil.

2. Fill out the application forms.

Picking a country is the hard part, doing this internet form is the easy bit.  There are three forms you need to complete. The first is the release form, followed by a statement of intent and finally an application

3. Pay your deposit.

A $300 fee is required to hold your place on the program and can be paid online via your My MC account.