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Ready to take your studies abroad?

Five steps to get started (including the Application)

  1. Apply for or renew your passport!  The processing time for passports can be up to three months. The US State Department recommends renewing your passport well ahead of any planned international travel it is important to know your passport will need to be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip

  2. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your desire to study abroad and how it fits with your graduation plan.  This will help you decide on the best academic path to meet your graduation goal/timing.

  3. If you are still trying decide on the best study abroad program to fit your plan, make an appointment to visit with the Director of the Mac Center by emailing You will discuss the individual programs, the term you wish to go, the class offerings abroad, and the deadlines to apply.

  4. Check the deadlines to apply. The deadlines for the programs vary, but in general these are some dates to keep in mind:

    Date Deadline
    October 15 Deadline for Spring Semester Programs, including Spring Break Program
    February 1 Deadline for May Term and Summer Programs
    April 1 Deadline for Fall Semester Programs
  5. Complete the application below. You must be signed into your MyMC account to submit.     After submitting your application, you will be contacted by the program director who will work with you about registration.  ***If you have technical difficulty, please email***

For questions, comments, or more information:

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