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你好!Nihao! Students will study Mandarin Chinese Language Center at Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) in Chungli, Taiwan.   加入我們吧!

When is the program offered?

Students can study at CYCU for 11 weeks in the summer, spring (March-July), fall (September-January), or spend an entire year. Upon completion of courses, students can opt for extended travel time on the island before returning to the states.

Who is eligible to participate?

MC students who have completed Chinese language course at Mississippi College are eligible. 

When do students apply?

The deadline for the fall semester is April 1.  The deadline for spring semester mid September and the deadline for the summer program is early November.

Are the course credits “MC credits” or do they transfer into MC?

Mississippi College is a “partner institution” with CYCU. This means that students enroll at MC and register as if they were taking courses on campus. The courses that they will actually take in Taiwan correspond to course numbers offered here. That way, students earn MC credit while learning abroad. There is no risk in losing credits through transferring hours.

Does the program include excursions to other cities?

Students will have the opportunity to engage with the local culture through school field trips and during their personal time. Located just a subway ride away from the capital city of Taipei there will certainly be no shortage of unique activities, food, and sightseeing. Every month, MC students will visit various local secondary schools to teach junior or senior high school students English.

Where do students live?

Students will live on campus in university dorm rooms. Check out this video for a guided tour! Introduction to Re-Cheng Dormitory in CYCU. 熱誠宿舍導覽

CYCU also offers a very modern and beautiful campus for students to enjoy.  Daily Life in CYCU

How much does the program cost?

Taiwan's Ministry of Education pays CYCU tuition , fees, room and board for MC students while studying at CYCU.  All students are responsible for MC study abroad fees and those wishing to receive credit from MC are responsible for paying MC tuition. Students are also for roundtrip overseas airfare, however, a grant from Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sometimes available.

Contact program director Mei-Chi Piletz at for more details.