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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Undergraduate Programs

The chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate program engages students with high-tech lab facilities and a supportive, professional faculty, creating an environment that pushes students to develop to their full potential.

Discover an engaging and rigorous chemistry program that prepares students for a variety of career fields.

At MC, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides an active and integrated research program, using modern laboratory experiences with current instrumentation, that equips students to pursue a wide variety of professional careers. Some positions include anesthesiologist, assayer, astrophysicist, ballistics expert, biochemist, cardiologist, chemical analyst, chemist medical technologist, scientific documents translator, toxicologist, urologist, or water resources specialist.

Undergraduate Degree Options


Students planning to major in chemistry should, on entering the University, seek the advice of the department chair or academic advisor in the choice of courses that will meet the specific requirements of the programs they plan to pursue. An early determination of the necessary courses will eliminate duplication and loss of time.

The student who elects to major in chemistry must meet the University core requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. Chemistry majors planning to teach should consult with the department chair or academic advisor regarding the requirements prescribed by the Mississippi Department of Education to earn the basic educator’s license.