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  1. Complete the top three lines of the Internship Program Student Application.
  2. Meet with the faculty supervisor of internships for your academic area to discuss your qualifications to do an internship and to review the internship sites that have been approved for internship credit.
  3. In consultation with the faculty supervisor, determine which site you are best qualified for.
  4. Get a copy of the job description and arrange an interview with the on-the-job supervisor. You should treat this interview as any other employment interview. Dress appropriately, prepare and take with you to the interview necessary employment information such as references, a resume, etc. 
  5. If no suitable site is approved, your faculty supervisor can obtain the Program Site Application, fill it out, and submit it via email to Melissa Wiggins, Chair of the Internship Committee. You should wait to hear from your faculty advisor regarding the approval of the internship site before proceeding any further.
  6. If the on-the-job supervisor agrees to place you in the internship opening and you agree to accept, ask the on-the-job supervisor to sign his or her name on the Internship Program Student Application. Determine from your on-the-job supervisor the dates for beginning and ending the internship and the number of hours per week that you will work in order to accumulate the minimum number of hours for the number of credits for which you are applying (most internships are for three credits, which means you will need to schedule 160 work hours during the semester).
  7. Meet with your faculty supervisor where you will finalize the details and get appropriate signatures on your Internship Program Student Application.
  8. Review with your faculty supervisor and sign the form Contract Between Student Intern and Faculty Supervisor. You will receive a photocopy of the contract to remind you what you will need to do during your internship.  The original copy will be kept by your faculty supervisor to be completed near the end of your internship assignment.
  9. The completed application will have three parts:
    1. Mississippi College Internship Program Student Application
    2. Copy of job description
    3. Copy of Contract Between Student Intern and Faculty Supervisor
  10. After all approvals have been received, to register for your internship, take a photocopy of the one-page Student Application form (filled out with all required signatures) to the Registrar's Office accompanied by your registration form or drop/add form. The CRN will be assigned to your internship after the Registrar's Office receives these materials. Regular tuition will apply.
  11. Your faculty supervisor be in charge of your internship and you should contact them often regarding your progress.