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Majors & Degrees


Students investigate literary works through discussion and writing, as well as reading and thinking to prepare them for their career of choice in literature, education, or writing.

The Department of English and Philosophy exposes students to the great classics of literature, propelling them to view literature from a Christian perspective.

English professors introduce students to the great heritage of Western literature, placed in context with classical and Christian humanism. MC's English and Philosophy Department offers three different focuses to fit with each student's needs. Writing, education, and literature concentrations are enhanced with real-world experience, practice in the classroom, and even study abroad opportunities.  

Outside of the classroom, English students have the opportunity to intern with local businesses and publishers such as Ergon, Mississippi Magazine, MPB, and Quail Hollow Press. Students can also help produce the Arrowhead, a student-published literary magazine featuring stories, poems, photos, and articles written by students, alumni, and faculty members.

Bachelor of Arts in English – Literature

The required coursework in literature analysis and exploration of Shakespeare is supplemented with literature electives that explore periods, genres, and major literary figures. The wide selection of courses offers students the opportunity to design a program that suits their interests.

Bachelor of Arts in English – Writing

The required coursework in discourse analysis and research/composition is supplemented with classes in creative writing, professional writing, journalism, and composition and grammar.

Bachelor of Arts in English – Education

Language and literature courses are supplemented with teacher education classes and teaching experience in local classrooms, leading to an educator’s license in English.

Three-Three Law/English Program

Pre-law students with high test scores and excellent grades may enter the Three-Three Program, which positions qualified applicants for early admission into Mississippi College Law School. The program includes coursework in literature and foreign language, along with logic, economics, and business law and ethics.

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As an English major, you’ll take courses in topics such as:

  • Analysis of literature
  • Literary thinking and research
  • American and British literature
  • Contemporary literature
  • Creative writing 
  • Foreign language

Take a trip to the Writing Center

Boost your writing skills at the Mississippi College Writing Center, which provides free tutoring and consultations to MC students. The Center is staffed by fellow undergrads, who conduct interactive, one-on-one sessions with students of every major, providing intensive assistance with the writing process. Students with strong writing skills are given the opportunity to become tutors themselves.