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Student Council Workshop

The Capital Area Student Council Workshop consists of a full morning of activities including breakout groups led by the Mississippi College Student Government Association and a motivational keynote speaker. Program information and registration forms are available by clicking on the links below. For more information, please contact: Cheli Vance | 

Save the Dates!

November 8, 2023 - Junior High School

 November 9, 2023 - High School

Senior Adult Education Program

The Senior Adult Education Program allows senior adults (age 55 or above) to register and attend selected academic courses (limited to lecture courses), listen, take notes and experience the college environment while being exempt from tests, grades and attendance requirements. A $50 fee per credit hour allows senior adults to audit a class/classes on a non-credit basis. The selected courses are based on space availability. Applicants will be notified of the availability of selected classes. For more information on the Senior Adult Education Program, please contact Ken Gilliam (

Alumni Enrollment Program

Graduates of Mississippi College may attend lecture-based classes without credit on a space available basis for remediation purposes in preparation for the successful completion of examinations and/or development of fundamental skills required for practice in their discipline/field. Enrollment under this Policy is limited to two semesters and will not exceed a total of 3 semester hours per semester (6 total semester hours).

At least 14 days prior to the beginning of a course, the graduate will complete an “Application for Alumni Enrollment” through the Office of Continuing Education and remit a non-refundable fee of $50 per credit hour. As part of the application, graduates shall will identify specific classes (including section numbers) for which enrollment is requested. The application will be forwarded to the appropriate Dean of the School where the class is offered. After verifying eligibility and upon consultation with the professor(s) of the course, the Dean will approve or disapprove enrollment.

In situations where availability of space is a concern, credit students have priority in the course. For example, in courses with enrollment near capacity, graduates will not be enrolled until the add/drop date has passed and the Dean has confirmed availability of space.

The graduate is responsible for all other costs of attendance including parking fees, course-specific fees, materials/textbooks, and other incidental costs incurred.