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Celebrating Friendship and Generosity

Celebrating Friendship and Generosity

The Sherry Enright Scholarship

In the heartwarming tale of friendship and generosity, Susan Bush and a group of dear friends embarked on a journey to honor their cherished companion, Sherry Enright, in a truly unforgettable way. As they gathered for a Christmas trip to Memphis, little did Sherry know that she would become the inspiration for a lasting legacy of kindness and support.

With hearts full of gratitude and admiration, Susan and her friends, seven long-ago graduates of Mississippi College in the 1970s came together to celebrate Sherry's kindness and generosity. Their trip was filled with joyous moments, from the enchanting Bellevue Baptist Singing Christmas Tree production to the cozy comforts of the Pyramid Hotel, where elves served cookies and hot chocolate with a sprinkle of holiday magic.

But amidst the festive cheer and merriment, Susan and her friends had a special surprise in store for Sherry – a heartfelt gesture that would leave a lasting impact on the Mississippi College community. Adorned in cute shirts they had specially made for the occasion, the group presented Sherry with a letter expressing their profound appreciation for her warmth, hospitality, and unwavering friendship.

In a touching display of love and admiration, Susan and her friends announced the creation of the Sherry Enright Scholarship, a one-time award established in honor of Sherry's extraordinary generosity and kindness. With a collective donation of $1,500, they pledged to support deserving students at Mississippi College, ensuring that Sherry's legacy of compassion and giving would continue to shine brightly for years to come.

In honoring Sherry Enright, Susan and her friends have created more than just a scholarship; they have forged a lasting bond of friendship and generosity that will forever be woven into the fabric of Mississippi College's community. Through their selfless act of giving, they have ensured that Sherry's legacy of love and compassion will continue to inspire and uplift future generations of MC Choctaws.

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