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Doubling the Impact

Doubling the Impact

Matching Donors Propel Mississippi College’s Day of Giving Towards Success

As Mississippi College rallies for its second annual Day of Giving, the generosity of matching donors are doubling the impact of each donation and propelling the institution towards meeting their goal. 

At the heart of this initiative lies the spirit of collaboration—a unity between passionate donors and the college community, all aligned in a shared vision of empowering education and fostering growth.

This year's matching donors are Sound and Communications, Inc., Oscar Miskelly, The Stringer Family, and the MC Medical Dental Association. Their commitment goes beyond financial support; it stands as a testament to their belief in the transformative power of education. By matching donations, they effectively amplify the value of each gift, and encourage others to participate in this online event. 

This year’s matching donor for the School of Christian Studies and Arts is Sound and Communications. Keith Lofton, Bill Williams and Andrew Hicks are all principal owners and graduates of Mississippi College. Sound and Communications has been serving customers since 1955. They provide design, sales, installation and service for acoustics, audio, video, lighting, etc. located in Jackson, MS.  

When asking Andrew Hicks, Director of Live Productions, about why they wanted to be matching donors for this year's annual day of giving he said, “We saw an opportunity and need that our company could meet. After talking with the school we thought it would be a great chance for us to come alongside our alma mater to increase the value of their learning and production space in Aven Hall. We are excited and happy to be a part of this year’s Day of Giving at MC.” 

The impact of generous donors such as Oscar Miskelly and The Stringer family will help us become a place for the next generation to experience what higher education should be. The Faith and Business Ethics program has become an integral part of the mission of the School of Business. The program will be expanded to offer mentor opportunities for students, and we are grateful to Oscar Miskelly for matching all gifts up to $25,000 for this important initiative. The School of Nursing plans to purchase three new beds for simulation labs to give students the best opportunity to practice in real-life scenarios. The Stringer Family’s generosity has made this project possible. 

Lastly, the School of Math and Science is working to increase summer research opportunities by providing more stipends for students. The Medical Dental Alumni Association is matching gifts up to $6,000 for this vital program. 

In conclusion, the impact of matching donors on the Day of Giving at Mississippi College is immeasurable. Their contributions serve as the cornerstone of this endeavor, transforming individual donations into a force for change and progress.

As the Day of Giving unfolds, let us celebrate the generosity of matching donors, recognizing their pivotal role in amplifying the impact of every contribution. Together, they are not just funding a cause; they are shaping futures and fostering a legacy of support and empowerment at MC.

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