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The Fans Behind The Funds

The Fans Behind The Funds

Ralph & BJ Barnes continued supports of Mississippi College Athletics

In the heart of Mississippi College's athletic community, there are champions who don't just cheer from the sidelines; they actively pave the way for success. Ralph and BJ Barnes, the dynamic duo behind ADCAMP, Inc., stand as beacons of unwavering support and generosity for MC Athletics.

Year after year, Ralph and BJ demonstrate their steadfast commitment to the success and growth of MC Athletics. Their dedication shines through their active participation in the two largest fundraisers for MC Athletics: the Dr. Don Philips MC Athletics Dinner and the exhilarating MC Athletics/Mike Jones Golf Tournament. Their presence isn't just felt; it's celebrated as they lend their support to these cornerstone events, ensuring their impact on the athletic program.

In 2024, the Barnes took their support to new heights by generously contributing $50,000 as Presenting Sponsors for the Athletics Dinner. Their contribution not only exemplified their passion for MC Athletics but also served as a catalyst for inspiring others to join in the cause of nurturing athletic excellence.

But their support doesn't stop there. Ralph and BJ are not merely spectators; they're active participants in enhancing the athletic infrastructure of Mississippi College. Their recent gift in kind to the McMath Golf Center speaks volumes about their dedication to the continued development of MC Athletics. By paving a new parking lot for the golf center, they've demonstrated their commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities that empower athletes to excel both on and off the field.

Through their generosity and unwavering support, Ralph and BJ Barnes have become synonymous with the spirit of camaraderie and excellence that defines Mississippi College Athletics. Their contributions go far beyond monetary value; they serve as a testament to the power of community and the transformative impact of selfless giving.

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