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In Memory of Keri Lynn Tullos: A Legacy of Compassion Continues

In Memory of Keri Lynn Tullos: A Legacy of Compassion Continues

Tullos Family Gift for MC School of Nursing

Reba Tullos was a woman of profound generosity and unwavering love. Her devotion to her daughter, Keri Lynn Tullos, a 1991 graduate of our esteemed School of Nursing, knew no bounds. Sadly, in December 2023, Reba passed away, leaving behind cherished memories and a legacy that would forever echo through the halls of our institution.

In honor of her beloved daughter, Reba made a heartfelt contribution of $15,000 to the School of Nursing before her passing. This act of kindness, fueled by a mother's undying love, spoke volumes about the character of both Reba and Keri. Their bond, nurtured by shared values of compassion and empathy, continues to inspire us all.

Yet, Reba's legacy of giving did not end there. In a final testament to her devotion to nursing education and the nurturing of future caregivers, Reba bequeathed an additional $10,000 to our School of Nursing as part of her estate. This selfless act ensures that her passion for nursing and the betterment of healthcare lives on, touching the lives of countless individuals for generations to come.

While the specifics of how this generous donation will be utilized are being finalized, we anticipate that it will greatly benefit graduate students pursuing their dreams within the field of nursing. Dr. Eichleberger, Interim Dean of Nursing, is diligently overseeing the allocation of these funds to ensure they have a meaningful and lasting impact.

The ripple effect of Reba Tullos's kindness and compassion will be felt far and wide, as each scholarship awarded in her memory not only supports the educational journey of deserving students but also honors the legacy of a remarkable mother and daughter duo.

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