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The Student Government Association (SGA) represents all undergraduate students of Mississippi College. The SGA serves as a liaison between the students and the administrators, faculty, and staff of Mississippi College by advocating the proposals for advancement made by the Student Leadership Council, in accordance with Leadership Council procedure. The SGA also promotes student welfare by providing opportunities for extracurricular student interaction and by exercising the authority to make judgments regarding student violations of campus rules. The SGA is divided into spheres of power, which consists of the Student Leadership Council, the Judicial Council, the Executive Council, and respective boards and appointments. These spheres of power have both separate and overlapping jurisdiction, according to the provisions of the SGA Constitution, which can be found at the end of this section.

Requirements for Student Government Officers

Specific eligibility requirements for various SGA offices can be found in the SGA Constitution. Scholastic eligibility will be determined by a student’s academic record at the time of the election.

Student's Role in Administrative Decision Making

Students at Mississippi College play a valued role in administrative decision making. In addition to the role of the Student Government Association, students are included on most university committees. This gives them an opportunity to communicate to the committee members the opinions of students. A list of committees and membership is available upon request from the offices of  Academic Affairs and Enrollment Services and Dean of Students.