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Student Government Association

Delegation of Student Leaders

The Delegation of Student Leaders consists of the Vice President and representatives who seek to serve students.

The legislative powers of the Student Government Association are vested in the Student Leadership Council. This distinguished body of 28 members is comprised of four elected representatives from each academic class, six representatives from various campus organizations, and six representatives selected by the Deans of each school at Mississippi College. The purpose of the Student Leadership Council is to draft legislation to be brought before the Leadership Council and subsequently presented to administration if approved on the Leadership Council floor. Addressing issues regarding all aspects of campus, the Student Leadership Council is a very distinguishing and rewarding way to make a difference on campus.

As Vice-President, I plan to focus on utilizing the Leadership Council to its full potential for the benefit of the entire campus. Despite obstacles presented by COVID-19, I am excited to see how the Leadership Council will help revitalize SGA and help make a long-lasting impact on the student experience at MC. The students deserve to be heard and have influence on the university. We will be using feedback and opinions from the student body to create legislation that molds the future of Mississippi College, a future that is Christ-centered and student-focused. The unified voice of the students and SGA will impact MC for current students and generations of students that follow.  

If you have any ideas or suggestions for legislation or would like to join the Leadership Council, feel free to reach out to me! Due to COVID-19 alterations, Leadership Council elections have already taken place for the 2020-2021 academic year. Typically, upperclassmen representative elections will take place each Spring semester and freshmen class representative elections will take place each Fall semester. All campus organization representatives will be selected internally by organization leadership. All MC school representatives will be selected by the Deans of each respective school. All Leadership Council representatives serve a full academic year.

I am excited for the upcoming year and look forward to serving this university to the best of my ability! I, along with the rest of the Executive Council, cannot wait to get to work this fall with administration and students so we can collaborate and improve our beautiful university.

Damon Wright
SGA Vice President​​​​​​​