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Student Government Association Campus Improvement Fund

This fund will allow students to propose ideas that they believe will improve the student experience at Mississippi College. Student Government Association will be allocated $25,000 yearly that will be specifically designated for campus improvements. 

Every year, students can submit their ideas in hopes of gaining funding to make a campus improvement project a reality. The project must be any physical and tangible investment on the Mississippi College campus that is lasting in nature, which aims to improve the quality of the MC experience and benefit all members of the institution. 

To submit an idea, students have to have:

  • The total cost of the project
  • A description of any other contributions to the project
  • The total amount being requested from the SGA Campus Improvement Fund
  • An explanation of how the project will benefit the Mississippi College community
  • Any additional information that would assist SGA in evaluating the project proposal

The Campus Improvement Committee which is made of the Student Leadership Council will go through the submitted proposals, decide which ones are feasible, and narrow the list down to three or four.  The creators of the top-ranked proposals will present to Student Senate in February. 

A project does not have to cost the full $25,000 that the Leadership Council has available; the LC can choose to partially fund a project or fund multiple projects with the money available.   

Please be aware that if the final cost of the project ends up being more than the allotted amount, it will be reevaluated and possibly postponed to a later date.