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The Department of Christian Studies offers the following degrees:

  • B.A. in Christian Studies (36 semester hours for Major)
  • Minor in Christian Studies (18 semester hours for Minor)

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies must complete the 24 hours in Christian Studies Core courses and 12 hours from one of the following four concentrations:

Core Courses: 

  • BIB 210 Discovering the World of the Bible (Fall)
  • BIB 220 Interpreting the Bible (Spring)
  • BIB 322 Distinctive Theological Ideas in the Bible (Fall)
  • BIB 422 Teachings of Jesus (Spring)
  • MIN 201 Foundations for Christian Ministry (Fall)
  • MIN 224 Ministry of the Church (Spring)
  • MIN 404 The Development of Christian Worship (Fall)
  • PHI 315 Philosophy of the Christian Religion (Spring)