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For the most part, the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and later translated into Greek.  The New Testament was originally written in Greek. The Biblical Languages Concentration offers foundational training in both Hebrew and Greek in preparation for both personal use and further theological and language study at seminary or graduate school level.  Being able to read the scriptures in the original languages enables the Bible to come alive in ways that are simply not evident in standard translations.  Language study sharpens linguistic and thinking skills.  Being able to use the original languages enables one to make full use of significant books, commentaries, and computer resources, in addition to the biblical text itself.  Preaching and teaching and ministry itself are thus enlightened and enlivened.

Biblical Languages Concentration (12 hrs.)

Students who select this concentration take 12 hours of Greek and 12 hours of Hebrew. Twelve hours of Hebrew satisfies the University core language requirement and 12 hours of Greek satisfies the Christian Studies and Philosophy concentration requirement.

  • HBW 101 Elementary Biblical Hebrew
  • HBW 102 Elementary Biblical Hebrew
  • HBW 201 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew
  • HBW 202 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew 
  • GRK 101 Elementary New Testament Greek
  • GRK 102 Elementary New Testament Greek
  • GRK 201 Intermediate New Testament Greek
  • GRK 202 Intermediate New Testament Greek
  • GRK 305 New Testament Greek