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The Graduate Certificate Program in Mathematics is designed to help students seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in mathematics but are not ready for a full Masters level degree program.

The Graduate Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate Program in Mathematics is designed to help students who are interested in further study in Mathematics and especially to help prepare students for success in a full Masters level degree program. This certificate should be useful for those who do not have a standard undergraduate degree in Mathematics, for those who do have an undergraduatemathematics degree but with relatively low grades, or for those who have low or no admission test scores prior to making application.

Admission to the Program

  1. All general requirements for admission to the graduate school of Mississippi College must be met.
  2. Applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with at least 15 semester hours of undergraduate mathematics including coursework equivalent to MAT 121 and MAT 122 with grades of B or better.
  3. There is no examination requirement for admission to this certificate program.

Requirements of the Program

  1. A minimum of nine new hours of undergraduate coursework at the 200-level or higher must be completed with an average GPA of 3.0 or higher to include:

    • MAT 301 - Foundations of Mathematics;
    • MAT 221 or 222, if not already completed;
    • At least one more course at the 300-level or higher
  2. Nine hours of coursework at the 5000-level.
  3. The Graduate Record Examination must be taken before the end of the student’s coursework.

Students may be allowed to repeat or take other acceptable undergraduate coursework as needed if the prescribed GPA is not maintained.

If course work used to satisfy the certificate requirements is judged to be at a high level by the department then the student will be granted full admission into one of our graduate mathematicsdegree tracks.  Alternately, if the student’s GRE score meets regular admission requirements, then the student can immediately be considered for full admission into one of our graduatemathematics degree tracks.  In either case, the student will be allowed to include all of their successfully completed graduate coursework toward that program.

Students who do not meet either of these two standards will only be granted a certificate after successfully completing the coursework noted above.