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Mathematics, M.Ed.

This Master of Education in Mathematics will add an “AA-licensure” to your teaching credentials or open a door for a career as a professor.

Earn Your Master of Education in Mathematics

Develop your skills for more effectively communicating mathematical knowledge to students at the secondary level.

The Master of Education in Mathematics program is an interdisciplinary degree designed for those who intend to teach at the secondary level throughout their career. Students who have already received their Class A secondary school teaching certificates are eligible to be accepted into the program and upgrade their certification to AA level.

  1. Twelve semester hours of graduate credit in Professional Education core courses
  2. Eighteen semester hours of graduate work in Mathematics including
    1. MAT 6541 - Current Topics in Mathematics Education, 3 hrs
    2. MAT 6551 - Modern Geometry, 3 hrs
  3. Comprehensive oral examination