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Mathematics (B.A., B.S.)

This program provides a comprehensive background in mathematics including extensive coursework in calculus, geometry, and advanced algebra.

Earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Mississippi College

Develop the knowledge and reasoning skills that will serve as a strong foundation in the various disciplines of mathematics.

Mississippi College offers a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. The curriculum for these degrees focuses on knowledge acquisition and skill building in the various disciplines of mathematics. The program offers a strong foundation for careers in technical fields as well as future graduate study in mathematics, aimed toward research or teaching careers.

The MC Experience

Curiosity thrives here — students have the opportunity to pursue their interest in mathematics and to understand more about the world around them through the unlimited applications that mathematics has to offer.  Faculty members use their expertise to help students develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Outside of the classroom, students can get involved in the Math Club, participate in competitions at annual mathematics conferences, and learn from regional mathematics professionals through seminars and internships. Even after graduation, former students remain involved with the department through the Epsilon-Delta Society which is a group of mathematics alumni and friends who support MC’s Department of Mathematics and promote our mission.

How You’ll Learn

Learn from highly qualified and award winning faculty members.  Students increase their knowledge and problem solving skills through interactive classroom lectures,  discussions, and presentations.   Students also are able to engage with faculty outside of the classroom with problem solving sessions and undergraduate research.  Unlimited access to our mathematical computing facilities is available making it easier for students to learn on their own schedules.   

What You’ll Do

Mathematics has a wide range of applications and career opportunities.  Students are able to take courses to tailor their math degree toward their intended career field whether that be in mathematical research, actuarial science, engineering, statistics, computer programming, or data analysis.  Math graduates have also applied their skills to other career fields including finance analyst, lawyer, medical doctor, missionary, and politician just to name a few.  Ultimately, the mathematics degree at MC provides students the ability to solve problems, which is a highly desirable skill that can be applied to any career field.