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Requirement Class Name Hours
University Core   43
Mathematics   38
MAT 121 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 3
MAT 122 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II 3
MAT 213 Applied Linear Algebra 3
MAT 221 Calculus with Analytics Geometry III 3
MAT 222 Calculus with Analytic Geometry IV 3
MAT 301 Foundations of Mathematics 3
MAT 401 Mathematics Seminar 2
18 Additional hours of courses higher than MAT 222 with at least one course being chosen from each of the following categories:  18
Those students wishing to be licensed to teach mathematics should follow the current Secondary Mathematics Status Sheet when selecting mathematics courses.  
Choose one from this category:    
MAT 413 Linear Algebra 3
MAT 421 Modern Algebra 3
Choose one from this category:    
MAT 304 Modern Plane Geometry 3
MAT 426 Advanced Calculus 3
MAT 460 Introduction to Topology 3
Choose one from this category:    
MAT 352 Introduction to Differential Equations 3
MAT 353 Introduction to Mathematical Probability & Statistics 3
MAT 381 Introduction to Numerical Methods 3
Computer Science   7
CSC 115 Foundations of Computer Science 3
CSC 116 Introduction to Programming & Problem Solving 4
Communication   3
Choose one of the following courses:    
COM 202 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 203 Professional Communication Skills 3
COM 304 Public Speaking 3
Minor Requirements Students not seeking secondary education licensure must choose a minor or a second major and are encouraged to consider one in a related field. Students seeking secondary education licensure should follow the appropriate status sheet (available from the Department of Education). 18
General Electives Sufficient elective hours must be taken to meet the minimum hour requirement for graduation in this program.  Electives should be chosen in consultation with advisor. --
Total Hours   130