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Graduate Admissions


Restarting your graduate studies after sitting out for a semester or more

Students that have attended MC graduate school, but missed a previous semester, should apply for readmission.  

Students are not required to reapply or to submit this form if they are only sitting out the summer session.

Steps for Readmission

  1. Create a new graduate school admissions application.
  2. You will be asked "I plan to enroll as", you are to select the answer "Graduate Readmit Student Previously Enrolled".

The readmission process should be completed within a few days prior to registration for the semester of attendance.  Following the steps above will assure the process is handled in an efficient and timely manner.  If your name has changed due to marriage, please submit a copy of your marriage license to the Registrar’s Office: Fax (601-925-3481) or Email (