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2019-2020 Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Description Cost

Full-Time Tuition (12-18 hours) 

(Fall/Spring only) 
Additional hours $550/hour
Registration Fee $415/semester
Technology Fee $60/semester
Health Services Fee $55/semester
On-Campus Living  
Non-Premium Residence Hall (Double Occupancy) $2,770/semester
Premium Residence Hall (Double Occupancy) $3,375/semester
Plaza Apartments 1-Bedroom (includes 100 meal points) $3,870/semester
Non-Premium Residence Hall (Single Occupancy) $5,540/semester
Premium Residence Hall (Single Occupancy) $6,750/semester
Plaza Apartments 2-Bedroom (includes 100 meal points) $4,630/semester 
University Place Residential Units (includes 100 meal points) $5,200/semester
Loft Apartments (no meal plan)    $5,600/semester
Meal Plans  
19-meal plan $1,900/semester
14-meal plan (upperclassmen only) $1,700/semester
9-meal plan (upperclassmen only) $1,490/semester
Part-Time Tuition (less than 12 hours) $550/hour
Registration Fee (less than 6 hours) $122/semester
Registration Fee (6 or more hours) $215/semester
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $28/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $60/semester
Summer Tuition $550/hour
On-Campus Living  
   Residence Hall - Double Occupancy (no meal plan) $775/session 
   Loft Apartments - Single Occupancy (no meal plan) $2,200/session
Military (active duty)  
Tuition $250/hour

Accelerated Degree Program Tuition
This does not include the ASBN program; ABSN students should refer to the traditional undergraduate rates

Registration Fee $92/session
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $28/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $60/semester
RN-to-BSN 7-Week Online  
Tuition (Nursing Courses) $298.33/hour
Tuition (Non-Nursing Courses)  $166.67/hour

*Premium refers to New Women's East & West Towers and New Men's.

2019-2020 Graduate Tuition & Fees

Description Cost
Tuition $625/hour
Masters of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) $681/hour
Doctor of Professional Counseling Tuition (fixed for the remainder of school) $660/hour
Masters of Biology Tuition (fixed for the remainder of school) $660/hour
Medical Science Program Tuition (fixed for the remainder of school) $660/hour
Professional Development Scholarship Tuition $437/hour
Physician Assistant Program Tuition  (fixed for the remainder of school) $10,650/semester
Registration Fee (less than 6 hours) $137/semester
Registration Fee (6 or more hours) $230/semester
Registration Fee - Physician Assistant Program $220/semester
Technology Fee (less than 6 hours) $28/semester
Technology Fee (6 or more hours) $60/semester
Health Services Fee (for full-time only) $55/semester
Online Graduate Programs   
     M. Ed. Curriculum & Instruction  $331.67/hour
     M. Ed. Educational Leadership $276/hour
     M. Ed. Elementary Education $383.33/hour
     M. Ed. Special Education $365/hour
     Ed. S. Educational Leadership $349/hour

For full details regarding financial aid at the Mississippi College Law School, please visit the MC Law School web site.

2019-2020 Special Fees & Expenses

Fees Cost
Application Fees:  
Graduate $35
International $40
Undergraduate $25
Housing $200
Auto Fees (charged to all students unless 100% online):  
Student Space Enhancement Fee -- Fall/Spring (per semester) $95
Student Space Enhancement Fee -- Summer $60
Auto decal fee – additional (applies to each semester)     $35
Estimated cost of books $1100
Graduation Fees:  
Graduate $125
Undergraduate $83
Penalty Fees:  
Change of Schedule Late Fee     $30
Diploma Replacement Fee     $40
Duplicate ID Card Fee     $30
Improper Room Checkout     $25
Late Payment Penalty     $165
Late Registration Fee     $50
Late Room Change Fee     $50
Lock Change Fine     $50
Monthly Payment Plan Late Enrollment $25
Monthly Payment Plan Late Payment $38
Returned Check Penalty     $100
Traffic Violations:      
   Improper Parking  $25
   No Registration     $15
   Tow Zone     $50
Other Fees:  
Auditing Fee

(same as tuition for credit)

Credit Validated by Examination (per 3 hr course including exam)     $200
Dyslexia Program Fee      $100
Graduate Thesis Maintenance Fee     $110
Healthplex Membership Fee  $125/semester
Holiday Housing Fee     $15
Incomplete Grade Application Fee $35
Monthly Payment Plan Fee $65
Monthly Payment Plan Fee (prior balance) - 3-month plan (increases by $5 for each additional month - caps at $100) $25
New Student Engagement Week Fee (charged to all new students except ADP) $65
Loft Apartments Reservation Fees $275
Transcript Fee $15
Tuition Remission Fac/Staff Fee (Fall and Spring) $50/semester
Tuition Remission Fac/Staff Fee – Summer $35

2019-2020 Course Fees

Fees  Cost
Applied Music Fee - Undergraduate (per course regardless of hours)     $155
Applied Music Fee - Graduate (per course regardless of hours) $165
Archery Fee $330
Art Education Activity Fee $155
Art Field Studies Fee $155
Art Portfolio Printing Supplies Fee $100
Band Retreat Fee $85
Clay Shooting Team Fee $1000
Drawing Supply Fee $20
Education Name Badge $5
Enrollment In Absentia Fee      $115
Equestrian Course Fee - Beginner $650
Equestrian Course Fee - Advanced $750
Equestrian Team Member $975
Graphic Design Supply Fee $43
Intensive English Program Activity Fee $28
Interior Design Field Trip Fee $540
Interior Design Furniture Design Fee $215
Interior Design Graphics I Fee $215
Interior Design Graphics II Fee $185
Interior Design I Fee $165
Interior Design II Fee $85
Kinesiology Activity Fee $28
Lab Fees:      
      Biology (excluding Biology 307 and 410)      $54
      Biology 307 - Cell and Genetics Lab $90
      Biology 410 - Human Gross Anatomy $210
      Ceramics  $95
      Chemistry      $58
      Computer Science     $58
      Engineering - Entry Level $62
      Engineering - Upper Level $95
      MAC     $95
      Physics/Engineering    $54
      Studio Art      $45
      Studio Art - Papermaking $95
Loss Prevention Exam Fee $495
Malpractice Insurance:      
      Kinesiology      $25
      Nursing    $25
      Social Work      $25
MC Singers Retreat Fee $85
Nursing Fees:  
     Clinical Fees:      
         Clinical (one hour) $70
          Clinical I     $425
          Clinical II      $425
          Clinical III/IV     $425
          Clinical Summer      $210
     Clinical Health Assessment Fee     $70
     HESI Testing Package $475
     Health Screening Fee $200
     Malpractice Insurance     $25
     Name Badges      $10
     NCLEX Review Fee $350
     Nursing Special Fees $110
     Student Nurses Association/Baptist Nursing Fellowship Dues:      
          Two Year Membership   $90
          Renewal  $32
Online Course Fee     $100
Roller Skating Fee $80
Scuba Fee $305
Social Work Exam Fee $255
Spreadsheet Proficiency Exam Fee     $58
Writing Proficiency Exam     $105
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