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Instructions for viewing/printing Form 1098-T

  • Log in to My MC.
  • Go to 'Banner Web for Students' in the QuickLinks section.
  • Go to "Student Tax Notification" under STUDENT ACCOUNT INFORMATION.
  • Select ‘Tax Notification', enter applicable tax year and submit.

Additional Information

  • Click on any number in blue for detailed information.
  • The form may be printed by right-clicking, then selecting ‘Print’.
  • Prior tax years may also be viewed and/or printed.

A printed copy of the 1098-T will not be mailed. Follow the above instructions to obtain a printed copy of the 1098-T.

Important note for students receiving HEERF funds (ARPA and/or CRRSSA):  

- HEERF funds received as a refund are not considered taxable income, therefore will not be included on the 1098-T form. 

- HEERF funds applied to a student account balance is considered a payment and will be included in 'Box 1 - Payments' on the 1098-T form.

Information regarding this may be found on the IRS website

The federal tax code, administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has provided for a number of education tax benefits. Full information on these tax benefits may be found on the IRS website

The release of 1098-T information is governed by federal privacy laws (FERPA) and cannot be given to parents or tax preparers without the student’s express authorization. The Mississippi College Business Office will gladly assist students with obtaining the necessary information needed for tax preparation, but cannot provide tax advice. Please contact a tax professional for assistance in preparing a tax return.

For more information, contact the Mississippi College Business Office at 601.925.3307 or