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To make payment (student):

  • Log in to MyMC
  • Go to BannerWeb (Students) in the QuickTiles section
  • Go to Tuition and Payments under STUDENT ACCOUNT INFORMATION
  • You will be redirected to CashNet (online student account portal)
  • Go to Make a Payment (left hand side of screen)

To make payment (Authorized Payer):

  • Make Payment
  • Your log in information was emailed to you when your student set you up as an Authorized Payer (see HOW DO I SET UP AN AUTHORIZED PAYER below)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an authorized PAYER?

Once in the CashNet site, click on ‘My Account’ (on the upper left hand side). Under 'Payers', enter the email address of the person you want to add, then click on Send Invitation. More than one authorized payer may be set up. Once the invitation has been sent, they will receive an email with their User ID and PIN.

What is an eBill?

An eBill (electronic billing) is an online interface that enables Mississippi College students and their authorized users to view their current and previous billing statements and to make online payments.

eBill is Mississippi College’s official method for sending student account statements. Students will receive email notification at their MC email address when a new statement is available online, enabling them to review their statement and make payments online. This service is a secure method for viewing student account information and making online payments.

What if someone else is responsible for paying my account? Can they receive the emails/eBills also?

In order for someone else to receive an eBill, they will need to be set up as an Authorized Payer. Once they are set up, they will automatically receive an email when an eBill is available. 

Is my personal and payment information safe on eBill?

Yes, Mississippi College’s online billing system is hosted on a secure server and the personal profile and payment information of students and their authorized payers is kept secured using industry-leading security features.

Can I still receive a paper bill if requested?

Mississippi College will no longer mail paper bills. A paper bill can be printed, however, from the CashNet site.