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How will I know how much to pay?

To find the amount you need to pay, follow the instructions below. Any balance remaining after the given due date that will not be covered by loans, scholarships, grants, MPACT, etc. will be subject to a $170 late payment fee.

To view your student account information, login to MyMC, then go to BannerWeb (Students) in the QuickTiles section.  Then click on Tuition and Payments under STUDENT ACCOUNT INFORMATION. You will be redirected to the online student account site (CashNet).  Click on 'Make a payment' on the left hand side of the page or in the bottom right hand corner to pay the balance. 

What if I have scholarships or aid that is not showing on my award payment schedule?

If you have an outside scholarship from a company, church, etc. or are enrolled in a prepaid tuition assistance program such as MPACT*, you must notify the Business Office. You may deduct any aid you are to receive from outside sources from the amount you need to pay. 

*If you are receiving the Speed scholarship, we will not be able to invoice the MPACT program for your tuition. MPACT benefits can be held for future use or refunded to the purchaser. To process the refund, a notarized Scholarship Refund Form must be completed by the purchaser and returned along with the proof of enrollment and proof of scholarship. Please visit the official MPACT website for the specifics of your plan.

If you have any other aid that is not reflected on your award payment schedule, you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office.

How do I set up an Authorized Payer?

In order for a parent or guardian to inquire about a student's account or to view/pay a student's account online, the student must set that person up to be an Authorized Payer.  To set up an Authorized Payer:

  • Log in to MyMC
  • Go to BannerWeb (Students) in the QuickTiles section
  • Go to Tuition and Payments in the STUDENT ACCOUNT INFORMATION section
  • Go to My Account (upper left hand side) 
  • Scroll down to Payers, then enter the email address of the person you want to be an Authorized Payer (more than one person can be set up), then click on Send Invitation
  • Once the invitation is sent, they will receive an email with their User ID and PIN.

Already an Authorized Payer?  Click here to log in.

What methods of payment are accepted?

You may pay your account balance by cash, check, eCheck, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). Credit card payments must be made through Banner Web

We also offer a monthly payment option for the fall and spring terms.

eBills are sent to students periodically throughout the semester to their MC email address. It is very important to check MC email accounts frequently.

Can I charge the cost of textbooks and supplies to my student account?

For your convenience, as a registered student, you may elect to have the cost of books and other educational items purchased through the Mississippi College Bookstore charged to your student account and offset against anticipated financial aid or paid when the next monthly billing statement is received.  All you have to do is take your purchase to any cash register and provide the cashier with your MC Student I.D.  You can charge bookstore purchases through the last day to drop a full semester class with 100% tuition only refund as set by the current Academic Calendar.

Please keep in mind that charges are being placed on your student account and must be paid off on time to avoid late fees. A monthly payment option is offered for the fall and spring terms.