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The Biology Medical Sciences track is created for students who anticipate attending Medical School or Dental School. It is designed to give the student a very strong scientific background in areas that will make the transition from undergraduate science education to Medical or Dental school education easier. You'll have the opportunity to take medical science courses such as Human Gross Anatomy, Human Neuroanatomy or Medical Physiology. You'll learn how to read basic MRI's, CAT Scans and X-rays, work with human cadavers. The degree is 130 semester hours.

Did you know that Mississippi College is the only institution in the country where undergraduate students can take Medical School Board exams?

That's right! When a student is in medical school, they will typically take a board subject exam at the end of each medical school course. That exam is written by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). These board exams are commonly known as "Shelf Exams". The scores are scaled to national averages across all medical students taking the exam. Because MC teaches many of our Biology courses at medical school level, the NBME has allowed MC to give those same board exams to our students. Our program offers shelf exams for Gross Anatomy, Cell Biology and Histology, Neuroscience, Physiology, Microbiology and Pharmacology. Some of our students do substantially better on the Shelf exams that the average medical student taking the same course in medical school. Our high score on the Gross Anatomy Shelf exam was 97 percentile, which means that student did better than 97 percent of medical students who took that exam. The shelf exams are optional. You can take any of the Shelf exams you wish or not at all. It's up to you. Can you imagine applying to medical school and being able to report to the medical school admissions committee that you have already taken some medical school board exams and did as well or better than medical students?

The Biology Premed program at Mississippi College it truly like no other in the country.


Required Math and Science Courses (32 hrs)

  • Biology 111 (4 hrs) - Freshman Biology
  • Biology 112 (4 hrs) - Freshman Biology
  • Biology 305 (3 hrs) [Cell Biology]
  • Biology 306 (3 hrs) [Genetics]
  • Biology 307 (2 hrs) [Cell and Genetics Laboratory]
  • Biology 431 (1 hr) [Biology Seminar]
  • Biology 432 (1 hr) [Biology Capstone]
  • Chemistry 141 (4 hrs) [Freshman Chemistry]
  • Chemistry 142 (4 hrs) [Freshman Chemistry]
  • Chemistry 303 (3 hrs) [Organic Chemistry]
  • Chemistry 304 (2 hrs) [Organic Chemistry Lab]
  • Chemistry 313 (3 hrs) [Organic Chemistry]
  • Chemistry 314 (2 hrs) [Organic Chemistry Lab]

Two mathematics courses chosen from the following:

  • Math 121 (3 hrs) [Calculus with Analytic Geometry I]
  • Math 206 (3 hrs) [Applied Calculus]
  • Math 207 (3 hrs) [Statistics] (required)*

Two physics courses chosen from the following (8 sem hrs):

  • Physics 151 (4 hrs) [non-calculus based Physics]
  • Physics 152 (4 hrs) [non-calculus based Physics] 
  • Physics 251 (4 hrs) [calculus based Physics]
  • Physics 252 (4 hrs) [calculus based Physics]

Biology Courses (15 hours)

  • Biology 329 (4 hrs) [Molecular Biology]
  • Biology 403 (5 hrs) [Vertebrate Histology]
  • Biology 404 (5 hrs) [Pharmacology 1]
  • Biology 405 (5 hrs) [Pharmacology 2]
  • Biology 407 (3 hrs) [Biology of Cancer]
  • Biology 409 (3 hrs) [Human Embryology]
  • Biology 410 (5 hrs) [Human Gross Anatomy] 
  • Biology 412 (5 hrs) [Medical Physiology]
  • Biology 413 (4 hrs) [Endocrinology and GI Physiology]
  • Biology 414 (4 hrs) [General Microbiology] 
  • Biology 415 (3 hrs) [Immunology] 
  • Biology 416 (1 hrs) [Immunology and Virology lab] 
  • Biology 417 (4 hrs) [Medical Microbiology]
  • Biology 419 (3 hrs) [DNA Forensics]
  • Biology 422 (3 hrs) [Virology]
  • Biology 425 (5 hrs) [Human Neuroanatomy]

Other Courses

  • Communications 203 [Professional Communication Skills] (3 hrs) or 304 [Public Speaking] (3 hrs) is required.

Please note: Starting in 2015, the new MCAT will have a Human Behavior section. Students are encouraged to take Psychology (PSY 201) and Sociology (SOC 205) in order to prepare for the MCAT.

Please note: UMC Dental School requires 3 hours of psychology.

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