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Financial Aid

Outside Scholarships

Scholarship Opportunities that are outside of Mississippi College

First Responder Scholarship

Award Amount $2,500
Deadline June 15, 2021

Eligibility Criteria For an application to be considered, candidates must: Apply for undergraduate education or currently enrolled in a college or university Have a family member who is a first responder Submit an essay that falls within the criteria listed below Submit their unofficial transcripts Agree to the terms and conditions for the First Responder Scholarship Applicants must submit their essays on this page for consideration. Essay Topic Criteria In no more than 750 words, applicants must write an essay about the impact that a family member’s career as a first responder has had not only on their life but on those in the greater community. Applicants may use anecdotes to construct a compelling narrative. To be considered, all essays must be sent in a PDF format.

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