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The Social Media Committee recognizes two types of official Mississippi College social media accounts:

  • Unit/Departmental
  • Event-driven

These accounts are not considered representative of Mississippi College until they have been approved by the Social Media Committee. Accounts should not be created for specific majors or programs. 

Account Creation

Mississippi College social media accounts must be created and administered by an employee of the University. Students may not be named as account administrators.

Approval of Accounts

The Social Media Committee oversees the approval and recognition of official Mississippi College accounts. Any department wishing to create an account should submit the following information regarding the account to the Social Media Committee:

  • Department/event name
  • Social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • User name or page URL
  • Email address specified on the account (must be address)
  • Account administrator’s name and contact information

Account Access

Email addresses associated with social media accounts should be within the Personal email accounts should not be associated with Mississippi College social media accounts.

Account Revocation

The Social Meeting Committee may revoke the status of any Mississippi College social media account if the account is deemed to be not in compliance with any regulations set forth in this policy, including, but not limited to: 

  • Posting of inappropriate/irrelevant content or content that is not compliant with Mississippi College social media account content guidelines
  • Not submitting all proper information to the Social Media committee
  • Failure to actively maintain the account
  • Failure to complete with other Mississippi College policies