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Marketing & Communication

Trademark Licensing

The Office of Marketing & Communication reviews the specifications for products bearing the Mississippi College name and marks.

The Office of Marketing & Communication oversees the Mississippi College trademark licensing program. The university governs the reproduction of MC trademarks on branded merchandise by reviewing all proposed products and applications of MC trademarks to ensure consistency and accuracy, pursuing unauthorized uses of university trademarks, and licensing companies to reproduce Mississippi College trademarks on branded merchandise.

Branded merchandise refers to any items produced for retail or promotional use. It does not include signage, stationery, or other printed collateral prepared for use by the university.


CLC is Mississippi College’s licensing agent, managing the application of licensees and the collection and distribution of royalties.

How to Become Licensed

Any person, business, or organization interested in using a university trademark must be a licensee of the university.

For a list of licensees and products, please visit CLC’s Licensee Search.

Items for Internal Use

Branded merchandise produced for promotional (internal) use must identify the sponsoring group or event and include an approved institutional brand mark. All university units — schools, offices, and departments — must use the institutional brand mark to identify themselves; independent logos for university departments are not permitted.