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Marketing & Communication


Our logo serves a basic, yet complex, purpose — to remind the public that this is MC talking. It is born out of nearly 200 years of rich history and designed to carry those same values brightly into the future.

A picture is worth a thousand words…so let the logo speak clearly. 

The MC logo is the gateway to our brand and the most visible element of our communications. It identifies and speaks for us when we’re not present to convey who we are, acting as a silent ambassador for our brand. The consistency of the application of our logo is paramount to our identity.

Logo Configurations

The logo is configured in full vertical, full horizontal and logo mark only formats.

MC logo Configurations

Logo Color Variation

Primary Color Usage

MC’s logo is available in 3 color options suitable for use in most situations: PMS 289 Blue, PMS 117 Gold, and White. The same color variation usage guidance applies to all configurations of the logo.

The PMS 289 logo should be used over light background colors, including images. When using the logo over dark colors or images, the white version is to be used.

MC logo usage color variations

Secondary Color Option

A two-color version of the logo is also available to use.

Optional Two Color Logo Variation

Logo Sizing

To ensure the logo is easily seen and read, the full stacked logo and the M mark should never be reproduced smaller than .75″ wide. The full horizontal logo should never be reproduced smaller than 2.4″ wide.

Please note: there may be exceptions to this rule — due to specialty and other unique circumstances. Approval must be obtained by the MC Office of Marketing & Communications prior to deviation from minimum size. 

Logo Sizing Chart

Logo Spacing

The MC logo should never be “lost in the crowd.” Maintaining a minimum amount of space around the logo allows the logo “breathing room” and ensures it will never be overshadowed or  difficult to see and recognize immediately.

Use the space between the decenders of the M as a guide and maintain this "M Space" around the logo.

Minimum Logo Spacing Chart

Maintaining a clear message means using MC's brand the right way. 

Below is a sample of ways MC's brand should never be used. If you have any questions about logo usage, reach out to one of our marketing team brand experts

Logo elements should never be reproduced in any other color or combination of colors than those identified in this manual. 

Sample of MC logo using the wrong color.

Logo elements should never be slanted, made to fit a shape, or manipulated in any way.

Sample of MC logo distorted.

Logo elements should never be condensed or expanded.

MC logo condensed.

Special effects (filters, posterization, unusual screens, etc.) should never be applied to the logo components.

sample of MC logo with a filter

Logo elements should never cropped. 

Sample of MC logo clipped or cropped.

The logo typeface should never attempt to be recreated with another font. 

Sample of MC logo with the wrong font.

The logo should not appear on distracting or busy backgrounds. 

MC logo on a busy background.

Logo elements should never be reproduced over a busy or competing photograph — one where the colors are too similar and interfere with readability.

MC logo on a background that is too dark.

The logo mark should never be used to create a repeated closed pattern.

Sample of the MC logo used in a pattern.

The size relationship of the logo mark and the logo type should never be altered, and the locked-up logo elements should never be separated randomly.

logo with the wrong- relationship example

Do not fill the logo with patterns.

Logo with pattern fill sample

Logo elements should never be outlined. 

outlined logo sample

School and Department Lockups

The names of MC schools, departments, programs, and administrative offices must always appear in conjunction with the MC logo mark. Creating a strong institutional identity for the university requires a consistent approach to identifying the numerous schools, departments, and offices campus-wide. Uniquely constructed logos are not permitted for any academic, administrative or other unit. 

Generally, the horizontal lockup is preferred, although there may be instances where the vertical lockup is more appropriate. Note that these examples are some of the very few cases where the MC logo "safe space" is smaller than required on all other applications. Please contact the office of Marketing & Communication for approved lockups.

MC Schools and Departments lockup sample