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Marketing & Communication


Typography plays a major role in our brand identity — it’s a powerful tool that helps shape our personality.

Typography tells the story behind the words.

Our font families have been selected for their beauty and utility, their relationship to one another, and the way they enhance the ability to communicate clearly in a wide range of applications.

New Atten

New Atten is a sans serif in five weights suited for multiple applications — including web, print, and large format use. It is appropriate for informal pieces, and when paired with the serif font PSFournier, fitting for more formal pieces.

New Atten Regular is the preferred weight used primarily for body copy including italics in longer running copy and headlines, along with New Atten Bold where needed.

New Atten Medium is the alternate weight when a bit heavier look is desired. This weight works well with Atten Bold and may be used for "quieter" large headlines.

New Atten Bold is a strong display font, with noticeably thicker strokes. It's an appropriate weight for larger point sizes, subheads and headlines.

New Atten Extra Bold is a powerful display font, with the ability to stand out from the other weights. It's used often to call out important items, and often used for headlines.

New Atten font sample

PS Fournier

PS Fournier Std is the font weight when a more refined look is desired for body copy, including italics in longer running copy and headlines. This is also an appropriate weight for larger point sizes such as headlines, and large format applications.

PS-Fournier letter samples

PS Fourier Std Petit is a font weight used primarily for body copy, including italics in longer running copy and headlines, along with Petit Bold where needed.

PS-Fournier Std Petit sample

PS Fournier Std Grand is an elegant display font, with noticeably thin crossbars and serifs, best used for impactful larger headlines, including large format applications.

PS-Fournier Std Grand letter samples

Alternative Fonts

PS Fournier and New Atten Adobe fonts are the preferred fonts to use on MC projects. Because they do require a subscription to use, we have established subsitutes to use when Adobe subscriptions are not available. Source Sans 3 (or Source Sans Pro) and Source Serif 4 (or Source Serif Pro) are free to use from Google fonts and may be substituted when necessary.

Some projects that require an end user to have fonts installed to view a file, such as PowerPoint presentations, may also substitue Trebuchet or Arial as needed.