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Social media usage at Mississippi College is governed by the same policies that govern all other electronic communications, as well as our Social Media policies. Read these policies before engaging in any social media as part of your official duties at Mississippi College and if you use social media for personal purposes.

One Mississippi College Voice

Although each unit operates its own social media outlet, all Mississippi College social media accounts are a voice for the university. A central database of social media accounts compiled by Web Communications ensures continuity in social media. Units should provide the names of social media account administrators as well as their phone numbers and email addresses to Web Communications.

Comment and Content Guidelines

Mississippi College encourages discourse on a variety of topics through comments posted to our website and content in various social media. In order to best showcase individual viewpoints and uphold Mississippi College ideals, please adhere to the guidelines below when posting and commenting in our social media communities:

  • Be authentic - All comments and content should be from named individuals. Be honest about your identity.
  • Be respectful - Comments should not defame, attack or otherwise disrespect. Respect U.S. copyright and trademark laws.
  • Realize your posts are public – Remember that all posted content is available to the public.  Regardless of how careful you are in establishing privacy settings, your content can be copied and pasted to unintended viewers. Do not post personal information – yours or someone else’s – on the web.
  • Keep confidential matters private – Do not post proprietary information about Mississippi College, including information about students, alumni or employees. All university and legal guidelines apply in social media space.
  • Represent MC properly – Make sure that your supervisor has authorized you to post about MC on university-sponsored sites. The director of public relations is responsible for developing Mississippi College's response in a crisis. In a crisis, the response will be posted on the mc.edu homepage.
  • Know where to turn for help – If you encounter a question you cannot answer, or if you see incorrect information about MC, contact Web Communications for assistance.

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