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The following procedures should be followed in case of a mental health crisis:

Routine Situation and Referral

  1. Be direct in letting the individual know that you believe counseling would be of help in this situation.
  2. Inform the individual that the counseling services are strictly confidential and free of charge.
  3. Don’t force the issue if the student takes a defensive posture - simply restate your concerns and recommendations. (An independent decision by the individual to seek help is best.)
  4. If the student is receptive, you can suggest that the student call for an appointment or you can ask if the student would like for you to call and set up the appointment.
  5. The number for the counseling center is 601.925.7790. Individual counseling services are designed for students who can benefit from the short term intensive counseling. If the situation merits referral, the counseling center personnel will make recommendations.
  6. If an individual is incoherent, do not do anything to excite or force him/her to do something he/she does not want to do. Call for help (Public Safety 3204 or 3911 and Counseling Center 7790) and remain with the individual until help arrives.

Emergency Situations and Referral

  1. If the individual’s situation is life threatening to self or others, it is critical to notify the Office of Public Safety at 3204 or 3911 and provide the following information:
    1. State your name.
    2. State the problem.
    3. State the name and location of injured individual(s).
    4. Do not hang up the phone until instructed to do so.
  2. Contact the counseling center as quickly as possible at 601.925.7790