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The following procedures should be followed in the event a person has been sexually assaulted.

For The Victim:

  1.  Go to a safe place.
  2. Call appropriate institution (Public Safety 3204 or 3911) and/or local (911) law enforcement officials for assistance and to report the assault.
  3.  Do not bathe; wash hands, or clean fingernails. It is important that victims preserve evidence that may be necessary to prove criminal sexual assault.
  4. Do not remove clothing worn during or following the assault, as these frequently contain valuable fiber, hair and fluid evidence.
  5.  Do not apply or take any medication.
  6. If officials have not been contacted, call someone you can trust to take you to the hospital.
  7. If this attack occurred on campus you should notify the Office of Public Safety at 3204 or 3911. An officer can take you to the hospital.

For Someone Assisting A Victim:

  1. Provide support.
  2. Advise the victim of the procedures listed above.
  3. Call the Office of Public Safety at 601.925.3204.
  4. Call the Office of Student Affairs at 601.925.3809.