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Student Engagement

Campus Programming Board

The Campus Programming Board plans fun and free events for MC students.

Campus Programming Board

Board Event

The Campus Programming Board plans events, programs and activities for the entire undergraduate student body. These are events are aimed at creating a fun and educational environment outside of the academic classroom at MC. Events include concerts, movie nights, holiday events, Homecoming & Spring Fever Week, MC's annual Crawfish Boil, Lighting of the Quad and more!

Don't forget to follow @mcstudentengagement for all the info on upcoming Board events! Check out photos from all of our previous Board events below.

Board Event Photos

Campus Programming Board Calendar

Keep up to date with everything the Board is doing on campus! Check out the full Student Experience Calendar here.

Get Involved With the Board

Are you interested in being involved with the Campus Programming Board during the spring 2023 semester? The Board is currently taking applications for the following committees:

  • Spring Traditions

    • This committee will help put on Spring Fever Week and Farewell Week events. These weeks are exciting for MC students and require students who are dedicated and hard working. If you're interested in chairing one of these weeks, please indicate that on your applications!

    • Important Dates:
      Spring Fever Week: March 25-31, 2023
      Farewell Week: April 17-21, 2023

  • Athletic Traditions

    • This committee helps connect the MC student body to MC Athletics and student-athletes. The Athletic Traditions committee plans at least one event for or with our athletic teams each year. Students applying for this committee should be enthusiastic about sports on campus, as well as be hard working.
  • Pop Up Events

    • The Pop-Up Events Committee will create and execute pop-up and small events throughout each semester that are meant to small and quick ways to enjoy campus life. These events could be related to a variety of topics and ideas. These events are done on a smaller scale but have a big impact. Pop-up Events Committee will typically put on 6-7 events throughout the semester.
  • Special Events

    • The Special Events Committee will work on larger-scale events. These may include music events, holiday events, and other programming with third-party vendors such as laser tag, etc. The Special Events Committee will typicallly put on 5-6 events throughout the semester.

Committee Member Expectations

All Campus Programming Board Committee Members are expected to:

  • Attend committee meetings to plan for upcoming events

  • Attend all committee events from clean-up to tear down unless the student has academic class
  • Contribute positively to the committee by offering ideas and being willing to execute every event well
  • Help market and spread the word about Board events

Apply for the Board

Applications open on Monday, October 31st and will close on Friday, November 11th at 11:59 pm.

Campus Programming Board Student Directors

Board Student Directors 2022-2023

The Board is led by two Student Directors who work alongside committee chairs and members to put on events throughout the academic year. If you have questions about the Board, contact one of the student directors below.

Jameson Cook

Board Student Director for Campus Traditions

  • Major: Biology / Pre-Dental
  • Hometown: Canton, MS
  • Areas of Focus: Family Weekend, Lighting of the Quad, Homecoming, Spring Fever Week, Farewell Week
  • Fun Fact: "I was in an opera."
  • Contact:
Anna Pittman

Board Student Director for Campus Programming

  • Major: Marketing
  • Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS
  • Areas of Focus: Pop Up Events, Special Events & Dance Marathon
  • Fun Fact: "My favorite polar pop flavor is coke mixed with cherry!"
  • Contact: