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Student Engagement

Involvement Fairs

Involvement Fairs are held each semester in order for students to connect with student organizations and campus groups they may be interested in.

Involvement Fairs & Workshops

The Office of Student Engagement encourages student organization leaders to participate in the following events:

Student Involvement Fairs

Student Involvement Fairs are held each semester. All student organizations and departments are invited to register for a table as students come to find out how to get involved on campus. Organizations are encouraged to decorate their table by bringing handouts and items to give away if possible. Involvement Fairs are an excellent way for student organizations to recruit for their information and spread the word about their mission and values. The fall 2023 Student Involvement Fair will take place on Thursday, August 24, 2023. Registered student organizations, campus departments and offices are all welcome to participate. Register and find out more information on MC Engage at the link below. Click on the "Forms" tab on the event page to register your organization for the Involvement Fair.

Fall 2023 Involvement Fair

Student Organization Workshops

The Office of Student Engagement offers Student Organization Workshops to assist student organization leaders in learning about student organization policies and procedures and event planning on campus. Spring 2023 Student Organization Workshops will take place in January. Check back for more information.