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Student Organization Events & Resources

Student Organizations hold a variety of events including meetings, social events, special speakers and more. Student Organizations have the privilege of using campus spaces for events. All Student Organization policies, including event policies, can be found in the Student Organization Handbook. The resources at the bottom of this page are also helpful in planning events on campus.

To hold an event on campus, the student organization event contact person should fill out the a request to use space on campus below. This link should also be used for reserving meeting space, including recurring meetings. You may want to check the MC Student Experience Calendar to find out what may be happening on campus before you pick a date and time for your event. 

Once the form has been submitted, the Office of Student Engagement and the Office of Event Services will both be notified of your request. (Please make sure you to choose the "Student Organization" option on the form).

The Office of Student Engagement will be in contact via email with the Student Organization to approve the event, as well as let the Office of Event Services know the event is approved so they can determine space and supply requests.

  • Keep in mind, student organization events MUST be submitted and approved at least two weeks in advance. There will not be exceptions made to this policy.
  • Student Organization events are only approved during times which classes are in session at Mississippi College.
  • Student organizations will only be able to reserve space on campus for events (outside of regular meetings) up to two times per month.
  • Student Organization events are not approved after 12 midnight, between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm on Wednesday evenings or between 6 pm and 9 pm on Sunday evenings (due to church gatherings).
  • Student Organizations are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Student Organization Handbook in order to understand all event policies.

For off-campus events, use the form below to request permission from the Office of Student Engagement for an off-campus event. Keep in mind all guidelines listed above and in the Student Organization Handbook apply to off-campus events.

Student Organization Event Resources

The resources below may help you in planning student organization events. Mapping out events and thinking through details ahead of time can help events be more successful.

Planning an MC Student Organization Event Checklist

Chaperone Agreement Paperwork

Mississippi College Student Code of Conduct

MC Event Services Venue Information

Anderson Hall Layout

Quad Layout